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Winter Skincare Regiment

winter skincare regiment with products from \tim-les\ natural and organic skincare. green your routine
winter skincare regiment with products from \tim-les\ natural and organic skincare. green your routine
It's winter time. The temperature is low, the fireplace is burning, you're wearing your go-to snuggle outfit and it's winter wonderland all over.

Frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin, both on the face and body. Harsh winds, temperature fluctuations, and dry air all tend to sap skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry, stressed or dull.

Our is the barrier that keeps water inside of your body, so when it is dry and cold, water evaporates off of the surface faster and easier. What to do?

Extra hydration is a must as we head into the dry, winter months. The \tim-les\ experts recommend a few lifestyle adjustments to help you keep your skin hydrated, smooth and feeling like it's June.

Step One: Your humidifier is your friend. If you're like most women out there, a humidifier is a great way to add moisture back into your home, especially if you’re prone to blasting the heat.

Step 2: Drink plenty of herbal teas. Green or chamomile tea are not only anti-inflammatory and relaxing, but will give your skin a hydrating boost that will increase elasticity and glow.

Step 3: Cleanse for a clean slate skin. Start with \tim-les\ nourishing oil cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and to dissolve buildup. The cleanser thoroughly cleanses while providing essential vitamins and nutrients.

Step 4: Double cleanse. Follow the nourishing oil cleanser with your regenerating cleanser or clarifying cleanser for a gentle peel and deep cleanse. The cleansers thoroughly cleanse and improve glow while helping to protect the skin’s natural hydration balance.

Step 5: Mist for a boost of moisture. Give your skin a much needed mist of moisture with a \tim-les\ floral essence. The essence can be used to prep skin and lock in moisture, or it can be used anytime throughout the day for an extra boost of hydration.

Step 6: use smooth & firm face serum to harness the power of bio-peptides – short-chain proteins – that bind to receptors on skin cells (e.g. hormones) and stimulate the activities of regeneration, rehabilitation and protection that have been impaired or abandoned by the skin, owing to environmental damage and premature aging.

Step 7: Double the hydrating effect with visible glow face serum - a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula helps to instantly energize the look of the skin, leaving a silky-soft, hydrated surface with a brighter and firmer looking appearance. 

Step 8: For the final step, \tim-les\ instant renew moisturizer delivers an advanced glow formula that instantly creates a soothing light weight hydration.

For your night routine, add these steps for a full body and nurturing effect:

Hit the shower with \tim-les\ honey cabernet body scrub - a highly moisturizing and gently exfoliating blend of raw Australian eucalyptus honey, organic grape-seed oil, organic botanical extracts and a dash of french cabernet. Leaves skin soft and hydrated with a light scent of honey.

Sweet dreams with \tim-les\ blue sunset sleeping serum - A next-generation hyaluronic acid & multi-vitamin gel serum that boosts the look and feel of tired and dehydrated looking skin, while improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for a more youthful look. 

Happy winter!