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spring to summer skincare routine

all \tim-les\ (@timles.skincare) (#timlesglow) products formulas change with the #seasons to adapt to your seasonal #lifestyle, the #weather and the needs of your #skin.

\tim-les\ spring to summer skincare routine advice

#Spring to #Summer can be a hazardous time for your skin. Excessive sun exposure (skin dehydration, pigmentation, prickly heat, sunburn) followed by #dry, hot winds and overzealous #office air conditioning can easily damage delicate cells and cause premature #aging.

Let's get you ready for sunny days.

First, take a look at your #skincare shelf. Identify products you purchased over 3-4 months ago. chances are their actual age is around 6-9 months already -- making them, well.... old. Toss them in the bin and make room for your new, freshly batched, \tim-les\ products!


Let's start with the obvious. Use an #oil-free and #fragrance-free #SPF all day over your entire face and body, but never rely on your #BB cream or #moisturizer. You really should be using something as high as SPF 30 or above on cloudless, hot sunny days.

All \tim-les\ moisturizers will include SPF 28 to start with. So, if you're a busy stay-at-home mom running from school drop off/pick ups to the gym or errands, or a professional woman spending most of her day in doors int he office, you should be OK. Nonetheless, make sure to add an SPF over your moisturizer to avoid sun damage,

Keep your skin cool

Especially if you have sensitive skin and if you have rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin, try to keep skin as cool as possible by keeping out of direct sun or keeping skincare products in the fridge. (It is also best to steer clear of saunas and steam, because they can aggravate your skin condition). Rosacea, which causes excessive flushing, broken blood vessels and/or acne-like red bumps, can be exacerbated when blood vessels dilate in response to the skin becoming overheated. Heat also draws water out of the skin, so eczema can become worse, sensitive skin can become irritated and atopic dermatitis (a rash caused by skin allergy or irritation) may itch more intensely. Normal skin will de-hydrate in heat, so moisturize, moisturize! \tim-les\ offers cream and gel based moisturizers for your spring and summer routines that can help. Like:

blueberry hibiscus moisturizing gel: if you are fearing heavy creams moisturizers because your have sensitive or oily skin - this is the face gel for you. pure aloe vera juice combined with the pore minimizing qualities of our blueberries extract. aloe vera juice delivers balanced hydration and a cooling sensation.

instant renew moisturizer: advanced glow formula instantly delivers soothing light weight hydration. hydrates and nourishes skin. hyaluronic Acid provide a plumping effect that effectively hydrates skin. vitamin mix infuse skin with nourishment. squalane delivers mega-moisture to improve skin looks and elasticity. combine it with \tim-les\ regenerating cleanser for a powerful duo that delivers moisture and nutrients for a healthy summer glow!

Did we say 'moisturize'?!

Always moisturize! It is always tempting to miss out on a good moisturizer and eye cream during sticky summer months as your skin will be producing more #sebum, generating that recognizable ‘summer shine’ and clogging pores, but your skin still needs serious moisture. \tim-les\ changes it's formulas with the seasons, replacing heavy winter, oil-based creams with lighter, more water-based serums or emulsions. \tim-les\ instant renew moisturizer is perfect for the season. You may also want to stock up on the \tim-les\ water-based smooth & firm face serum that is full of hydrating #Hyaluronic Acid, brighteners and #anti-aging #bio-#peptide actives. The serum harnesses the power of bio-peptides – short-chain proteins – that bind to receptors on skin cells (e.g. hormones) and stimulate the activities of regeneration, rehabilitation and protection that have been impaired or abandoned by the skin, owing to environmental damage and premature aging.

\tim-les\ smooth & firm face serum

Exfoliate regularly

Our skin sheds cells every minute of every day, which results in #dull, dry looking #skin, particularly sun exposed skin as it dehydrates quickly. However much moisturizer you apply, your skin will never look glowing without removing these dead skin cells. Rejuvenation treatments such as exfoliations and nurturing masks restore the skin’s health and #balance, so to ensure a healthy glow for the summer months, be sure to exfoliate 1–2 times a week.

For the sprint to summer seasons we developed a special daily mask designed to restore hydration and achieve a healthy summer glow starting with your morning routine. Layer \tim-les\ mega glow daily mask over your regenerating cleanser in the morning and wait 5-7 minutes for it to penetrate your skin and infuse them with rich botanical extracts, vitamins and moisture.

\tim-les\ mega glow daily mask

For your self-care days, layer \tim-les\ timeless exfoliating mask to absorb impurities and thoroughly cleanses without stripping the skin or affecting the skin's natural balance.

\tim-les\ timeless exfoliating mask

Remember your hands and décolletage

Hands, like your cleavage and neck, are age indicators, so try to exfoliate your hands a few times a week, apply a rich moisturizer and always apply an SPF to your hands, as you would your face.

Prepare your skin internally before hitting the sun

Eating as many anti-oxidants as possible (the brighter the food the better), taking MSM supplements and following an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce potential skin damage and premature aging and keep skin super healthy. #Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of skin damage and premature aging, as well as a host of other health problems.

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