sensitive to gluten? check your skincare label

\tim-les\ natural beauty products are 100% FREE from Gluten.

\tim-les\ skincare products are 100% Gluten free

If you’re just trying out a gluten-free diet, you probably don’t need to worry about topical gluten; but if you’re gluten-free due to a medical condition, then what you put on your body may be important.

For those with gluten intolerance, sensitivity, or allergy, hidden forms of gluten in cosmetics and hygiene products can cause major health issues. After being diagnosed, most people look toward removing the toxic protein from their foods. In essence, removing obvious sources like bread, pasta, cereal, pizza, bagels, etc. For many, the diet change can seem overwhelming, and looking at hidden glutens in cosmetics or hygiene products is not even a thought yet.

Some experts say that gluten molecules are too large to enter the skin and that they’re fine unless you ingest them, but a few doctors disagree, claiming that topical skincare products enter the bloodstream after being absorbed through the skin.

Cosmetics companies aren’t required to list wheat as an ingredient on the label, and they aren’t obligated to declare the presence of gluten. As with food, check manufacturer websites, shopping guides, and smartphone apps to find the gluten-free status of cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, and other nonfood products.