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oils and serums, what's the difference?

\tim-les\ #skincare #rituals offer a variety of #fresh, #natural, #organic and handcrafted solutions for your #skin. our goal is to help you maintain an healthy, #glowing looking skin all day, everyday.

\tim-les\ difference between serums and oils

as you make decisions on how to incorporate \tim-les\ products into your daily #routine, you may be wondering - what IS the difference between #oils and #serums? when should I use them, and why?

\tim-les\ facial serums are used to tighten, firm, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. a #serum may include active ingredients and all serums are often created in a base of herb-infused aloe vera juice, which absorbs quickly into your skin. #aloe vera is hydrating and the #herbs contain healthy antioxidants. serums may also contain vitamins and other active ingredients that work specifically on minimizing the effects of polution and aging.

all of our serums have a bit of #oil as well, so they moisturize your skin lightly.

\tim-les\ #facial oils and #elixirs are meant to #moisturize and nourish your skin. they each have a unique blend of oils according to skin type. all of our oils are selected for their specific properties: #age-defying, anti-bacterial (#acne) or hydration to help your skin stay healthy and glowing.

looking for the best oils and serums for your skin? start here.

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