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new to natural? learn how to start your natural routine here

So you've decided to clean out your #skincare cabinet from #synthetics and decided to go natural! Well done and welcome to the club!

Starting a natural skin care routine is not as hard as it looks. Most women who switched over to natural from using traditional products, saw their skin started glowing immediately. In fact, the results were so good they were regretting they hadn't taken the plunge earlier. But better to start late than never at all.

Are you ready? Now what? #women like you who are just starting to make the switch to a healthier way of life and want to know how to start #natural skincare routine are calling our consultation line daily. They're usually very excited, eager and at the same time confused.  The world of natural skin care can seem overwhelming with tips on what not to use as much as what to use.  

So let us put you at ease right away.  Keep it simple.  Simple works.

\tim-les\ new to natural skincare

The right #routine will make your skin look and feel like you just treated yourself to a #spa getaway. Not sure where to start? We recommend starting off with a #cleanser and a #mask since they typically provide the most immediate results.

Ideally, the sequence of your daily routine should look like this: cleanser (depending on your skin concerns you may use two), mask (1-2 times a week), mist, serums, eye care, moisturizer, oil.

Your starting point: cleansing

Cleansers act as daily treatments, tailored to a specific need or concern. It is important to pick the one that works best for your unique skin type and needs. Your cleanser should clean deeply and thoroughly without leaving any tightness or dryness. Most of \tim-les\ cleansers are complex formulas that include herbal water, aloe, botanical extracts, nourishing oils and active ingredients and vitamins.

Dry skin?

We recommend luminous regenerating cleanser, luminous exfoliating cleanser.

Use luminous nourishing oil cleanser as the first step in double cleansing, or as a makeup remover before applying a cleanser.

Oily skin?

We recommend luminous nourishing oil followed by luminous regenerating cleanser.

Blemishes prone skin?

We recommend clear days clarifying cleanser. Alternate it with luminous regenerating cleanser every other day to prevent skin dryness.

Deep cleansing through masking

one-to-two times a week. We like to think of masks as the gateway product, they’re really important for the long term health of your skin but also delivers immediate benefits, and who doesn’t love instant gratification?

If your skin feels 'congested' we recommend double layering your cleanser and a mask during your morning or night ritual. This mega boost will deliver extra nourishment to your skin and trigger instant radiance.

Dry to combination skin?

We recommend luminous exfoliating cleanser as the first layer together with luminous mega glow daily mask as the second layer. Wait 3 minutes and rinse with warm water. For your weekly routine, use timeless exfoliating mask.

Blemishes prone skin?

We recommend layering our clear days purifying herbal mask with your clear days clarifying cleanser. For your weekly routine fill up a warm bath and layer our clarifying mask while you soak in it.

Treat your skin to extra super powers with serums

Serums, elixirs and oils should not feel heavy or as though they’re just sitting on top of your skin: they should absorb over a short amount of time. Choose your serums carefully for their specific targeting properties, and moisturizers for your unique skin type and concerns. Don't forget to pay attention to your eyes. Your mature self will thank you for the eye creams and serums you will feed your skin.

Learn how to feed your skin internally

Natural skin care is not just what you put on your face.  Eating a clean and healthy diet, exercising and reducing stress is half the battle.  For example, if you are still getting #acne despite using a clean and natural skin care routine, look at what you eat.  Look at how much stress you're regularly experiencing.  Taking care of the inside of your body and your mental state will do wonders for your skin.

Expect your skin to break out or react

If you are new to natural skincare, or to \tim-les\ (or any line) in general, your skin may react by detoxing itself. That’s normal, there’s an adjustment period. If your breakouts continue for a long period of time (over a week), then it might need a different option. Test things one at a time and identify what feels heavy, or oily, or drying. These are key indicators of something not being right. If your skin is extra sensitive and you are experiencing a reaction, stop using your product. in any case, do a patch test before using any product. Natural skincare products are extra concentrated.

Do a status check

Is your new found ritual helping with your concerns? If everything seems in check, perfect! If not, we are happy to help! You can always email us for a complimentary consultation!

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