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face wipes: good or bad for my skin?

No matter if you're crunched for time or just lazy (hey, no judgment), using a #cleansing #wipe may be one of the easiest ways to #wash away stubborn #makeup smudges, sticky sweat, and #dirt buildup. Or is it...

Leading aestheticians and #natural #skincare experts are warning against the damage a wipe could do to your face. It has been established that cleaning your face using a wipe only, without completing the process with water and a cleanser may result in skin dehydration and accelerated aging of your delicate face.

" Face wipes are not a substitute to a detailed cleanse using soap and water, not are they effective as the first step in your cleansing ritual." said Audelia Rinot, Founder of \tim-les\ natural beauty company (@timles.skincare). "Without the next step of washing your face with water, you're just moving dirt around." She adds.

Using face wipes may result in a false feeling of cleanliness and even peeling. Unfortunately, by using the wipes, you are causing unintended damage to your skin. Wipes do not completely remove makeup and actually leave the skin dirty and dehydrated. Going to sleep without a thorough cleanse may lead to accelerated #aging of the skin and inflammation.

What to do?

"Don't take the shortcut." Advises Audelia Rinot. "Settle on a cleansing #ritual you can sustain over time. I recommend including steps beyond cleansing that include #purifying, #repairing, #hydrating and nurturing your #skin. A 6-7 minutes ritual before going to bed can help restore a healthy looking skin and that glow you're so craving for."

Should I completely avoid using face wipes?

"You can use them to remove heavy makeup from your lips and eyes, but remember that most wipes may feel gentle but will actually damage the delicate skin around your eyes just by using them. It's better to use water and a gentle oil or water based cleanser, followed by an eye serum to restore vital nutrients to your skin." Audelia Rinot adds that "incorporating multiple #cleansing #rituals into your daily schedule will help you keep your skin healthy and glowing, without the use of face wipes. All you need is 5 minutes and a little bottle of #cleanser in your bag."

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