face oils: consider this before you buy

As you go through your journey of creating your personal #skincare #rituals, you may be considering #face #oils. Carrier oils that promise to nourish your skin and infuse it with #nutrients.

Choosing a face oil that works for you is just as nuanced as finding that perfect scent for #Spring. Following the latest fabs may leave your skin #dull looking and your pockets empty.

Here are a few tips from our staff and our founder Audelia Rinot (@audelia.rinot) to help you find the oils that work best for your skincare rituals and routine. Note, we are not listing oils and their properties here. To learn more about carrier oils, visit the \tim-les\ ingredients page.

Facial oils can include any fragrant plant oils (often called essential oils), non-fragrant plant oils or synthetic oils (such as mineral oil).

The right plant oil or a blend of oils can make a remarkable difference for dry, flaky, or dehydrated skin; in fact, non-fragrant facial oils can be suitable even for eczema-prone skin. Facial oils are for anyone whose skin could use a boost of nourishing, smoothing renewal, especially when seasonal cold or drier climates disturb your sk