breakouts & oily skin myths

We see a lot of misinformation on breakouts all the time and something that continues to pop up is #hormonal #breakouts and their nature.

breakouts and oily skin myths
breakouts and oily skin myths

To clarify and help you with this issue: ALL BREAKOUTS ARE HORMONAL! Not a single person on this earth that is prone to breakouts can say their breakouts are not hormonal.

What does that really mean for you and #clearskin and who cares?

When there is an over abundance of certain #hormones, your #pores start to produce oil. Think #oilyskin or combo.

When this oil in your pores is produced, it mixes with the bacteria already found on your face and creates a clogged pore. The more your hormones increase internally, the more this oil produces in your pores leading to more breakouts. This is where cystic acne comes in. More hormones produced = more oil produced in your pores, which fills up your tiny pore, which is easily clogged. This is true for breakouts, blackheads, tiny white bumps, and cystic breakouts.

So one of the keys to getting breakouts under control is to balance the oil. However, you do not want to strip the skin because all it does is retaliate and produce more oil.