adult blemishes? 4 myths you must learn to unlearn

First thing's first. You are not alone.

As many as 50% of women will develop blemishes (adult acne) at some point in their adult lives. More than half of women in their 20s and 35% of women in their 30s are experiencing some form of acne. this number is rising. Mainly because of our ever growing stressful lifestyle, our dietary choices and changing hormones.

you may already be considering or taking medication to help treat your blemishes. Consult with your doctor for the best treatment for your own unique condition. nonetheless, you may want to check your fridge first. Foods that are heavy in hormones, like dairy products, are often at the top of the list of things dermatologists recommend cutting out for clearer skin. Milk should be first on your list as it is usually packed with them. There is no hormone-free milk. Stress is another factor in blemish development in adults. A stressful lifestyle will lead to increased Cortisol levels in your body that can increase oiliness and inflammation of the skin.