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4 approaches to practicing natural skincare. which is yours?

A growing number of health and lifestyle conscious women are rejecting chemical-filled cosmetics for plant-based alternatives as their new skin care regiment. Having gained much momentum, experts think this trend could change the beauty industry for good.

Pricey options to natural skincare care products, like Tata Harper's, have joined more budget-oriented solutions like Kindred that offer oil-based only products.

women seeking a natural solution to their skincare concerns - varying from anti-aging to adult acne - are faced with a critical question: which approach to natural skincare fits me best?

\tim-les\ complex formula natural skincare

Let's discuss your options:

The DIY approach

A quick look at your facebook and instagram feeds will yield photos and videos of friends and beauty influencers showcasing their latest avocado & honey mask or aloe & coffee eye serum.

Welcome to the DIY skincare revolution. The approach is simple. Nourish and treat skincare concerns by using ingredients in their most primal state. Blend that aloe you just extracted from its fleshy leaves and mix it with raw organic honey for a great, soothing and moisturizing gel. Fans of the DIY approach will shop in organic farms for fresh greens, veggies and fruit and will take pride in their at-home rituals. It's skincare you can eat!

The basic ingredients approach

The next level in natural skincare is practiced by women more informed in the benefits and qualities of natural ingredients. For example, ask your friend what she would recommend for a dry, flaky scalp. She will probably get back to you with a recommendation for an organic black cumin oil that should be massaged into your scalp daily for an amazing moisturizing effect. And the scent is absolutely fabulous!

Fans of this approach will purchase raw ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid or Argan Oil and will include them in their regiment as-is.

The simple formula approach (oil based)

This approach believes in the power of carrier and essential oils. All products and solutions are oil based and the formulas are simple - mix oils with known benefits for the skin concern. For example, calendula oil is recommended for blemishes prone skin or to help treat scarred tissue. a combination of carrier and essential oils can serve as potent serums. \tim-les\ nourishing oil cleanser, smooth complexion face oil and ultra nude pubic oil include a carefully crafted combination of pure and concentrated oils.

\tim-les\ overnight face elixir

The complex formula approach

Most of \tim-les\ products are formulated with the principles of this approach. We believe an effective skincare solution will include naturally derived ingredients at their highest concentration level, delivered through moisture building and skin penetrating humectants. You know your product was formulated using the complex formula approach just by looking at the label. You will find a long list of natural ingredients on it. Don't be alarmed. A long list doesn't mean low concentration. It means the formula includes ingredients that work together to give you the solution you need. It's traditional practices plus technology equals a safe, potent and effective skincare product. Ingredients in your products will probably include vitamins, acids and peptides, mixed together with oils, floral waters and botanical extracts. It's all good, safe and highly effective. Although some products in this category can be pricey, not all are necessary so. If you're looking to test drive a complex formula skincare product, try the \tim-les\ regenerating cleanser or \tim-les\ age-positive overnight face elixir. These are great examples of the pure and concentrated good a complex formula can deliver, at a great price. Take a look at the list of ingredients to learn more.

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