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night-time rituals

nourish & replenish


step 1: prep

wet a towel with warm water and clean your face, neck & décolleté gently.

step 2: cleanse

start with the nourishing oil cleanser to remove makeup and environmental impurities. next, apply 3-4 pumps of regenerating cleanser and gently massage onto face. apply 2-3 more pumps to the neck area massaging up and to the sides.

step 3: exfoliate

apply luminous exfoliating cleanser, gently massage in circular motions and feel the rice beads exfoliate your skin. for extra cleansing, apply a timeless exfoliating mask or purifying herbal mask on top of the cleanser, wait 1-2 minutes and remove gently by washing your face with warm look water.

step 4: mist

dry your face lightly with a towel and mist with 2-3 pumps of lavender floral essence. pause to breathe in the lavender scent for a relaxing night-time moment.

step 5: nourish & treat

apply smooth & firm eye serum. massage gently in circular motions and let it absorb completely. next, apply overnight face elixir or blue sunset sleeping serum on face and neck. wait 1-2 min to absorb completely.