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I insist every \tim-les\ product be formulated with the best, most purest natural ingredients, and at the highest concentration levels.
women deserve the best when it comes to their beauty rituals. My mission is to bring them high performing natural skincare for ageless beauty.
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women are at the forefront of movements that change the way we live and attend to our lives and our environment. I am fortunate to be part of it and to contribute through my lines of natural skincare.
my founding mission was to create high-performing natural skincare for women like me who refuse to compromise and ​accept what the beauty industry has been advertising for years as 'natural' .
I developed \tim-les\ for women who are serious about investing in their skin.
the \tim-les\ customer is a woman actively wanting to avoid questionable ingredients and who simply won’t compromise on performance, efficacy or luxuriousness.
\tim-les\ is designed to be responsive to the physiology
of the skin’s natural cycles
and needs.
note how your skin changes daily. no one day is the same with the stresses of pollution, mental stress, hormonal activity and seasonal weather constantly challenging it.
I prefer the term 'positive aging' over 'anti-aging'. we would all like to age gracefully without needing aggressive treatments. we are all beautiful whether in our 20's or well into our 60's.
the \tim-les\ age-positive skincare line is perfect for nurturing your skin as it changes through the years.
thank you for taking the time to discover more about the \tim-les\ natural beauty brand and our products. 
xoxo  Audelia