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200+ raw ingredients


our brand essence is Intelligent Skincare with Integrity and we are transparent in all we do.

our high quality ingredients come from around the globe and each has been hand selected for its unique benefit to your skin.

always made without a long list of questionable ingredients

100% free from: toxins, synthetics, filler, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, gmo, cruelty.

handcrafted small batches
we formulate, batch, package and label our products in small batches and place them in small bottles.
we chose to use only 30ml and 50ml bottles because our products are made fresh and are intended for short periods of use.
our products are made from natural ingredients with a minimal preservative system to make sure you use the freshest ingredient - all day, every day.

lovingly made by us


we are holding the beauty industry to a higher standard, because what you put on your skin matters.

we test our products on ourselves. we never test on animals.

our sourcing philosophy
we spend up to 70% of our cost on pure and raw ingredients, so you know you're investing in what's inside.
the best ingredients come from all over the globe. we work with small farms and growers, often with organic credentials, who share a passion with us, and make a point in investing in other women owned or operated businesses.
our goal is to create the best product for our customer, made with love and care, because what's inside the bottle matters more than its pretty label.

ethical packaging


our products are made from fresh botanicals and ingredients designed to enhance beauty. we bottle and package our products in glass containers and try to minimize use of non-sustainable materials. we believe our focus should be on the product, not the packaging. that is why we prefer simple containers and boxes often produced of recycled paper.

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